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Lemon Sprayer

Lemon Sprayer

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The perfect tool for flavouring or adding a zest to your recipes, this Lemon Sprayer is an easy-to-use kitchen accessory. With a simple pump-and-spray operation, you can enhance your dishes with a few spritzes of fresh lemon juice. Enjoy fresh, zesty flavour with minimal effort.

 Easy to use

Simply screw the lemon sprayer into a lemon and start spraying your favourite dishes, adding flavour to your food. You can use this sprayer on any citrus fruit, including oranges or limes and many others.

Time saving

Instead of having to juice your lemons, strain out any pulp or seeds, and put it into a bottle, now you can just attach the sprayer right to the lemon. Seasoning your meal is easy, just screw into the lemon and spray while you cook.

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